BDM's iTech Series - N30 - 2017

In this issue:

-Back to Basics: We take you through the first steps with your new Mac by showing you the different models available, guiding you through the set up process and helping you get to grips with the basics, such as gesture controls, the Finder and the Mac desktop.

-Internet Services Explained: With our tutorials, you can take your Mac onto the Internet, send and receive emails with the Mail client, surf the worldwide web with the Safari web browser, buy new software and media with the App Store and the iTunes Store, enjoy podcasts and ebooks, and more.

-All Key Apps Explored: The Mac, and its operating system macOS Sierra, comes with a wealth of software applications, or ‘apps’ for short. We bring you a guide to all the key apps, such as the Safari web browser, Mail email client, Calendar, Notes, Maps, Reminders and more.

-Take Things Further: Once we’ve shown you the Mac’s basics and its apps, we go that little bit further with its more advanced features, such as the iCloud cloud computing services, split-screen view, the Mac’s System Preferences, Time Machine, Siri, Family Sharing and more.

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