BDM's iTech Series - N31 - 2017

Cloud computing has been with us for a while now, giving home, small to medium business and enterprise users a new way in which to support and utilise their infrastructure and data. While the cloud may come with many concerns, chiefly that of security of data, it’s one of the fastest growing and interesting aspects of modern computing. With The Cloud Computing Guidebook we will show you how to implement and better utilise the cloud, whether personally or for your business. We also look at how to secure and even build your own cloud service.

-Personal Clouds
Within these pages, we look at what cloud solutions and services are available to the home user. We introduce Apple’s iCloud, Google’s cloud services, Microsoft’s offerings and Dropbox. You will soon come to realise just how much you already use the cloud.

-Business Clouds
We also take a unique look at how the SMB user can use the cloud to their benefit and what example solutions are available. We also expand on the different cloud services and show you the best and clearest way in which to implement them.

-DIY Clouds
If you’ve ever wondered how you would start your own cloud storage service, then we cover this as well. We look at several solutions for both the home and business user, and how to set one up using the latest hardware.

-Cloud Busting
We help break down the myths and jargon used in cloud computing and even take a look at where and what the cloud may evolve into. With this book to hand, you will see clear skies ahead when it comes to the cloud.

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