BDM's iTech Series - N34 - 2018

In this issue:

-Modern Day Security
Protect your PC from hackers. Learn how online threats evolved and became the bane of the modern lifestyle. We look at the types of security risks that are prevalent in our digital age, allowing you to soon become accustomed to the names and terms used by professionals and hackers when describing digital security.

-Tutorials for All Users
Many security related tutorials are hard to fathom and understand. Within these pages though, there are easy to follow steps written in plain English and aimed at both technical and non-technical Windows 10 users. Learn how to remove a virus or malware from a Windows 10 PC, how to check which Windows programs are communicating with the Internet and even how to block access to websites.

-Online Protection
Protect your PC from viruses. There’s more to modern security protection than simply having an up-to-date virus scanner installed in Windows 10. Learn how to secure your home network, secure Windows 10 laptops and even other wireless devices. We look at how Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) can improve your security and how you can take measures to protect yourself from scams, and when using social media.

-For Your Children
Having knowledge of how online threats work is important to parents or guardians; our children are constantly at risk the moment they step into the online world. With this book we help you recognise the danger signs and together with practical tips and advice from the likes of Childline and the NSPCC, you can learn how to protect your child’s online presence.

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