BDM's iTech Series - N36 - 2018

If you haven’t yet upgraded your iPad to iOS 12, we show you how. We help you get the best from the iPad’s key apps, including new features that come with the iOS 12 update, and also how to use its brand new apps such as Measure, Voice Memos and Stocks. We explore the iPad’s new features too, with in-depth tutorials. It’s all in The iOS 12 iPad GuideBook.

The Latest iOS 12 Apps & Features
We take a look at the latest version of Apple’s iPad operating system with an in-depth look at its great new apps and features, such as Screen Time, the new Measure app, stacked Notifications and more.

Comprehensive Information
In addition to in-depth guides on the new features and apps arriving with iOS 12, we also show you how to use the iPad’s more established functions. The iOS 12 iPad GuideBook is your complete guide to the iPad.

Easy to Follow Guides
Our tutorials are fully illustrated and written in plain English, so you’ll have no trouble following them at home on your iPad. Jargon is kept to a minimum, so even beginners can get more from their amazing Apple tablet.

Advanced Features Explained
As well as showing you how to use the iPad’s basic features and functions, we help you get to grips with its more advanced features such as Siri, Notifications and iCloud. Whatever your level of experience, help is at hand.

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