BDM's Essential Guide Series - N23 - 2017

In this issue:

-First Steps Covered: Our guides to the Apple Mac hardware show you what’s where on your new Mac. If you’ve yet to buy one, they give you some ideas of which model to choose too. To help you get started with your new Mac, we also take you through the initial setup process.

-Plain English Guides: We don’t confuse with techno twaddle. Instead, our step-by-step guides are clearly written with the beginner in mind. They’re fully illustrated too, making them even easier to follow. With our help, you'll soon become adept at using your Mac and its apps.

-All Key Apps Covered: As well as showing you how to use the Mac’s operating system, we also bring you guides to the key apps that come bundled with your Mac. There’s web browsing with Safari, sending and receiving emails with Mail, listening to your tunes with Music and more.

-Take Things Further: When you’ve mastered the basics, we show you how to use the Mac’s more advanced features such as iCloud, Family Sharing, Time Machine backups, keyboard shortcuts, the Siri digital assistant and more. We bring you a guide to what to do if things go wrong too.

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