BDM's Essential Guide Series - N28 - 2018

You want to know more about your Mac? It’s all in The Ultimate Mac Manual!

For All Current Macs
The Ultimate Mac Manual covers the current Mac range in its entirety. Whichever model of Mac you own, this bookazine is for you. It also covers the latest version of Apple’s macOS operating system, which is called High Sierra.

For Work and Play
Whether you use your Mac for productivity or pleasure, there’s something here for you. Our guides to entertainment apps like TV, iTunes and iBooks are great for fun; and for work, there’s Contacts, Calendar, Notes, Maps and more.

No Experience Required
If you’re completely new to the Mac, The Ultimate Mac Manual is a real boon. We show you how to set up your new computer, take it onto the Internet and use the basic functions of its operating system, macOS: High Sierra.

Take Things Further
If you want some more advanced tips, we have those too. Our guides to the Mac’s bundled apps show you the more in-depth features as well as their basic functionality; and we bring you guides to the advanced features of macOS too.

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