BDM's Essential Guide Series - N30 - 2019

In this issue:

For Beginners and Experienced Users
If you’ve no prior knowledge of the Mac, this is where to start. We teach you how to set up your Mac, take it online and use its key bundled software applications, or apps. We also give you in-depth guides to their hidden features.

Up to Date with Mojave
We show you how to update your Mac to the latest macOS, known as Mojave. We also show you how to use its brand new features, like Dark Mode, Night Shift, Group FaceTime video chat, Continuity Camera and lots more.

Take Your Mac Online
We show you how to get online with your Mac, whether you use Wi-Fi or a cabled connection. Web surfing is easier with our guide to the Safari browser, emailing is simple with our Mail guide and don’t miss FaceTime.

Keep Yourself Organised
The Mac comes with several preinstalled apps that help you organise your life. Our guides to Calendar, Notes, the Contacts address book, Reminders, the Maps GPS software and the brand new Voice Memos app show you how to use them.

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