Helmet - 3 2013

Helmets content is challenging, diverse and unyielding. Crafted by some of the most courageous and intelligent young writers, photographers and artists in Australia and beyond. Helmet combines an array of interviews and features on major international music acts and fashion designers with features on film, culture and social issues. Helmet magazine showcases groundbreaking artwork, literature and essays. Creative writing pieces on perforated paper stock run alongside specially commissioned artwork. Complementing the considerable written content are extensive fashion photography editorials targeted at both male and female readers. Our appeal is broad yet nuanced. Classically designed with the finest materials, each quarterly edition is blessed with a permanence rarely seen in the industry. Its durability and quality will give it an unrivalled longevity and allow readers to return to it time and time again without fear of its disintegration. Unwilling to remain a small fish for long. Helmet Magazine will strive to set the standard for all Australian publications; to be as intelligent as it is beautiful, as funny as it is genuine and as informative as it is entertaining.

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