Gup - N62 - 2019

Attention is often concentrated on the centre of things, but what happens further away from the limelight? Whether arriving from a curiosity for the expanded possibilities of photography, or from an interest in the underexposed aspects of daily life, the contributors to this issue of GUP all show an urge to move their eyes beyond the focal point and into the periphery.

We present the latest project by Sohrab Hura, whose work graces this issue’s cover. He is trying to make sense of his home country by looking at its physical outskirts, where he investigates India’s psychological state of being.

This issue’s main article discusses the work of Nikita Teryoshin, whose focus is on the cynical inception of warfare.

We’re also happy to present to you portfolios by a number of exciting photographers (and a surprising number of duos) highlighting the periphery in their own ways: Nadine Stijns & Amal Alhaag, Caimi & Piccinni, Anastasia Samoylova, Lakin Ogunbanwo, Feiyi Wen and Panos & Mary. As if that’s not enough, we are once again featuring some of the most interesting new publications, from Gregory Halpern and Lisa Barnard, as well as many more in our Guide.

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