Flow - N26 - 2018

In this Flow Issue 26:

-Taking note of the good stuff
Reflecting on the things that make you happy and grateful is very beneficial. And you don’t have to just take our word for it, as research backs us up on this. We’ve created a few prompts to help you keep track of the good things in life.
-Back-to-basics yoga
Relaxed poses and really letting your daily thoughts go: that’s slow yoga. No complicated, super-active postures; just taking things slow and- if necessary- snoozy.
-Too little time
How often do we lament that we have too little time, when in fact it’s because we want to do too much in one day? Is it possible to reduce that sense of constraint?
-What are you up to?
In every issue, we check in with people who are doing what they love to find out about their projects. This time, we’re talking to an animator/illustrator, a baker and a illustrator/graphic designer.
-Extra goodies: postcards of reading women and a mini booklet.

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