Race Engine Technology - N107 - 2017

In this issue:

-Intro: THE EDITOR - Rallycross cars make ideal candidates for electrification, which can only help boost the sport’s already soaring success
-Grid: IN THE NEWS - Scope widens for independent LM P1 engine suppliers, details of Porsche’s all-new 991 GT3 Cup engine, Formula One engine proposals for 2021, and much more…
-In Conversation: MARK RAFFAUF - IMSA’s senior director of race operations tells Ian Bamsey about the aims behind the Daytona Prototype international engines
-Dossier: PIPO MOTEURS RALLYX - Stewart Mitchell investigates this bespoke engine developed for the World Rallycross Championship
-RACE ENGINE OF THE YEAR 2017 - We reveal the category and overall winners of the Race Engine of the Year 2017, as judged by 50 engine engineers worldwide
-Focus: VALVE SPRINGS - Despite the emergence of alternative powertrain technology, the days of the valve spring are far from over – and their development continues. Wayne Ward reports
-Time Capsule: 1921-22 SUNBEAM - Stewart Mitchell charts the early history of this legendary car company and the engineer behind its successes
-Challenge Of: DAKAR - Stewart Mitchell examines the powertrain challenges for the T1-class contenders in this gruelling competition
-Focus: DYNAMOMETERS - With dynos becoming more important than ever in racing, Matt Grant explains the pros and cons of each type
-Report: PMWE 2017 - Stewart Mitchell returns from our annual visit to this premier motorsport show with his round-up of product announcements
-PS: COSWORTH’S ROAD-GOING FORMULA ONE ENGINE - Graham Robson relates the tale of this engine in an extract from the latest edition of his book, Cosworth, The Search for Power

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