Race Engine Technology - N114 - 2018

In this issue:

-Intro: THE EDITOR How truck race engine development can inspire engineers in more mainstream motorsport
-Grid: IN THE NEWS - Implications of NASCAR’s horsepower cut for 2019, details of Honda’s research into pre-chamber ignition, and more…
-In Conversation: SEBASTIAN RISSE - KTM’s MotoGP technical director tells Stewart Mitchell about how the company approached the challenges of this top-tier race series
-Dossier: DOUGANS RACING ENGINES TROPHY TRUCK V8 - Mike Magda reports on how one engine builder went against the grain to produce this Big Block for Trophy Truck racing
-Focus: BEARINGS - Matt Grant shows how to derive the expected loads on journal bearings and discusses the latest advances in bearing technology
-Project: RENO V12 TURBO - In this installment of his engine project for the Reno Air Races, Jack Kane details the design of the accessory drive and propeller drive gearboxes
-Challenge Of: FIA TRUCK RACING - We investigate the development of an ETRC-winning engine. Written by Ian Bamsey with research by Stewart Mitchell
-Focus: COATINGS - Ian Bamsey brings us up to date with the latest advances in component coatings technology. With research by Stewart Mitchell
-Insight: RALLYCROSS - Stewart Mitchell explains the crucial importance of a fast launch from the start line in rallycross, and the techniques involved in getting one
-RACE ENGINE OF THE YEAR 2018 - Here we present the 12 nominations for the Race Engine of the Year 2018, in four categories
-PS: ELECTRIC TOURING CAR RACING - An update on the new Electric Touring Car Racing Championship, plus details of our new publication, E-Mobility Engineering

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