Race Engine Technology - N117 - 2019

In this issue:

Intro: THE EDITOR - We turn our attention to Time Attack, and the scope it offers for race engine development
Grid: IN THE NEWS - Pre-season insights into the 2019 Formula One power units, Force Technology rides the beehive springs wave, race fuel bladder from TKM Systems, new Bosch vehicle control unit, and Magelec Propulsion details its EV and e-racer offerings
In Conversation: STEFAN HONENS - Tankpool 24 Racing’s lead engineer talks to Stewart Mitchell about the challenges of developing the Mercedes OM460 engine for the European Truck Racing Championship (ETRC)
Dossier: JON KAASE EXTREME PRO STOCK V8 - Mike Magda details the development of this naturally aspirated drag racing mountain motor
Focus: FUEL FILTERS - Matt Grant explains the different types of fuel filter technology and how they meet the challenges of new fuel limits and pressures
Special Investigation: TIME ATTACK - Ian Bamsey explains what Time Attack can offer the engine builder. Research by Stewart Mitchell
Special Investigation: ELMER RACING THOR I4 TURBO - We chart the development of the engine powering Rod Pobestek’s RP968 World Time Attack Challenge (WTAC) champion. Written by Ian Bamsey, with research by Stewart Mitchell
Insight: ELECTROMAGNETIC DESIGN TOOLS - Peter Donaldson reports on the growing importance of electric race powertrain simulation and the software that makes it possible
Challenge Of: DAKAR MALLE MOTO - Stewart Mitchell talked to leading contender in this race, Lyndon Poskitt, about fielding a competitive engine and keeping it running for thousands of kilometres. Report by Ian Bamsey
Report: AUTOSPORT ENGINEERING 2019 - Ian Bamsey and Stewart Mitchell present highlights from our recent visit to the largest show in Europe for powertrain engineers
PS: REMEMBERING JOHN HAYNES - Ian Bamsey commemorates the life of the renowned Haynes Manuals publisher, and recalls the support he gave him for a range of technical motor racing books

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