Race Engine Technology - ISSUE 93 - 2016

Issue 93 - March/April 2016

Intro: THE EDITOR - Bringing more specialist race engine producers into the major race series is not only desirable, it is vital for the health of those series
Grid: IN THE NEWS - Details of changes to the Formula One engines for 2016, how Pro Stock teams are adapting to the dramatic overhaul of the regulations, and much more…
In Conversation: DAVID MOUNTAIN - Engine builder Mountune’s founder takes Lawrence Butcher through the company’s history and some of the challenges it faces with its latest engines
Dossier: EDL JUDD HK LM P2 V8 - Ian Bamsey explores the design and development challenges of a production-based Le Mans Prototype engine
Alternative Technology: CONSTANTLY VARIABLE VALVE TIMING - Lawrence Butcher explains how the Freevalve constantly variable valve timing system works and considers its potential motorsport applications
Focus: ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING - Developments in the various forms of additive manufacturing continue to be made, writes Dave Cooper, and their applications can only grow
Motorcycle: SUTER MMX 500 - Stewart Mitchell reports on the development of a two-stroke engine that aims to return riders to the heyday of Grand Prix motorcycle racing
Insight: ELECTRIC ENGINE WORKSHOP - Last November at the PMWE show in Cologne, Germany, RET hosted a panel discussion about the future of alternative power in motorsport. Here are the highlights
Focus: FASTENERS - Without the correct design and materials choices the fasteners in an engine can easily fail, often with catastrophic results, as Wayne Ward explains
Race Engine Digest: AL-ANABI RACING & THE KH V6 - A turbo V6 developed for drag racing in Qatar provided some intriguing challenges. Stewart Mitchell reports
Report: AUTOSPORT ENGINEERING SHOW 2016 - Ian Bamsey and Stewart Mitchell roam the aisles of the UK’s Autosport Engineering show in search of powertrain innovation

PS: BME & TOP FUEL BHP TESTING - It seems our recent report on how much power a Top Fuel dragster actually produces was not the first such attempt using torque sensing

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