BESPOKE - N15 - 2016


Unorthodox Issue – celebrates mavericks and non-conformists who have done things their own way. In that spirit, we interview the famously imaginative and outspoken John Galliano as he takes over the reigns at Maison Martin Margiela and we introduce our readers to the Turkish architects behind the uber-contemporary Sancaklar Mosque in Istanbul. Breaking boundaries, Mashael Al-Rajhi tells us about her journey as a Saudi fashion designer as she makes her way onto the international fashion scene and world-renown artist James Clar talks about his elevated neon art, a medium he uses to critique the dis-associative affects of technology itself. During a stopover in Paris, we go inside the delightful workshop of Maison Bonnet, a luxury eyeglass maker that uses traditional materials and craftsmanship to create custom eyewear, timeless pieces that have been worn by the likes of Yves Saint Laurent and English Royalty. For some fast-paced fun, internationally recognized writer Simon de Burton takes us behind the scenes of the Isle of Man TT race, a legendary motorcycle race where rules are meant to be broken. Then, we get behind the handsome wheel of the Bentley Mulsanne. And, in ultimate BESPOKE style, we include a supplement of the most outstanding one-offs; one-of-a-kind customizations of everything from Ferraris to incredible real-life adventures.

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