BDM Creative Series - N22 - 2017

In this issue:

-Get more creative
If you have a good grasp of the fundamentals of Photoshop, then you will no doubt be aware of the potential that lies within the application. You can take a blank page and create the most amazing images and artwork. Whether you are a photographer, designer or artist, there is so much that you can achieve when you combine your vision with the power of Photoshop. We have collected a number of tutorials together that use a variety of techniques to either simply adjust an existing photograph, or create brand new art by combining various elements and adding adjustments, masks and effects to really bring out your inner artist. We hope these tutorials, and their easy-to-follow style, will get you inspired and have you producing your own amazing works of art in no time.

-Edit like a pro
All the tutorials in our guidebook use techniques that digital artists and graphics professionals use on a daily basis. We cover a range of topics and projects that show how to work with 3D objects, create High Dynamic Range Images, combine multiple images into a final design, simulate rainfall and even apply digital makeup to your subjects. Even better, we also supply all the materials used in our tutorials as downloadable content; this allows you to follow along with the projects at a pace that suits you. Now you can learn, have fun and set your vision free. The potential to achieve more with your photos and artwork is being utilised by beginners and professionals the world over to turn an idea into a reality - now it’s your turn.

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