BDM's Independent Manual Series - N9 - 2016

The Raspberry Pi Manual is packed full with incredible Raspberry Pi projects, all designed to make the most of this incredible little device. Inside you will learn how to build robots, drones, security cameras and lots of weird and wonderful equipment. This issue features:

-Raspberry Pi Tutorials: Discover the best and most useful Raspberry Pi projects around, described in step-by-step detail. Our detailed guides walk you through the components, build processes and software hacks needed to get the most from the Raspberry Pi.

-Coding and Programming: Computers run on code and this book covers the basics of Linux and other codes you need to control your Raspberry Pi microcomputer. We’ll make you a master of the Command Line environment and show you how to become a fully-fledged coder.

-Hardware Hacks: True hackers learn how hardware and code work together. Coding is tough, hardware is even tougher but these projects will make you an expert at both. You’ll learn how code works in tandem with electronic hardware to build smart devices that impress.

-Practical Pi Builds: Within these pages are some of the best Raspberry Pi projects available right now. They will inspire and challenge you to make something really rewarding.

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