BDM's Independent Manual Series - N13 - 2017

In this issue:

How to Use the Taskbar
Task View and Virtual Desktops
Create and Manage Folders
Complete Guide to Personalisation
Get Online With Microsoft Edge
How to Set Up Email Accounts
How to Use the Cortana Assistant
Tracking Dates and Appointments
Creating a Child Account
Using the People App
Exploring the Windows App Store
Navigating with the Maps App
Importing Photos to your PC
Working with Photos and Images
Understanding the OneDrive Interface
How to Use the OneNote App
Installing Alternative Browsers
Exploring GIMP on PC
Understanding and Preventing Malware Threats
Using the Phone Companion
Using Dynamic Lock
Using Night Mode
Creating Web Apps with Chrome
Move apps to a Different Drive
Backup with a Recovery Drive
Understanding the Gaming Tools
Top 10 Antivirus and Security Packages
Limiting Data Use when Tethering
Manage Disk Partitions in Windows 10
Disable Adverts and Annoyances
Using Windows 10 Storage Sense
Using the Task Scheduler
Managing Your Notifications
Disable Unneeded Startup Items
Essential Cortana Commands List
Windows 10 Registry Tweaks
Defragment Your Hard Drive
Update Your Device Drivers
Update Your Motherboard BIOS
Windows 10 Maintenance Tools
Monitor Tasks with the Task Manager
Manage Your Privacy in Windows 10
Free Windows 10 Security Software
Remove Windows 10 Bloatware
Troubleshooting Windows 10
Skype in Windows 10

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