Collectible Dry - N3 - 2017

In the 'Love Actually' issue:

Do we need love? There’s a need for love (God knows). Love. What word has been more oft-abused? Ever since man was born, created by the promise of pure love, in harmony with his surrounding nature. And who, for love, would transgress, lose his or her purity… Love antagonists? Hate. Indifference. Fear. Egoism… They can all coexist. They’re the same faces of a single coin. As an extremely beautiful poem by Catullo, entitled Odi et Amo*, acts of love often unknowingly, arbitrarily splash over into acts of hatred. Great gestures of love can lead to actions with exactly the opposite effect. If perfection doesn’t exist, then better retreat to small gestures of daily import.

Cultivating a garden in a city in which to experiment a new model of society, offering free meals packaged with art, oating on limpid waters on a sustainable vessel… Or go off the grid in order to compose love messages on an old typewriter. Repeat “Love Hope Soul,” a mantra that vibrates with words carved in time.

This issue features a range of artists, including photographer Nhu Xuan Ha, singer and painter Ai Jing, and actors Cheng Yi and Eleanor Lambert.

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