The Sewing Box - N1 - 2015

“Creativity is intelligence having fun,” said Einstein, and that is our intention: that through the pages of The Sewing Box you find something that amuses you, stimulates your creativity and you can make with materials close at hand.

Creativity, and the need to make something with our hands, is what children’s wear brands do, and what we present in this new issue, Txell, Lorraine, or Tania, among others give us the steps they used in creating their small “handmade” companies. Their stories are told in first person and we are certain that we learn some lessons from their experiences.

Creating can also be contagious if you work and practice it; and this is why we have asked some illustrators to inspire us by their work to make a step by step tutorial of a knitting, embroidery or simply cutting project. Furthermore, imagination has triggered us to see all of the unused clothing in our closet in a new light, so we have give you a few ideas to transform them into more current garments.

In addition, we like to celebrate and discover new flavours and places. We are sure our DIY celebrations section will help you organize a nice picnic, in which can use all the bonus material you’ll find at the end of the publication.

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