FOXES - N5 - 2018



FOXES delves into the various subcultures of both music and fashion...

This season, FOXES presents a series of five covers, each an exploration of a different ‘Subculture’. First we have FARIS BADWAN, frontman of UK band The Horrors, photographed by Wanda Martin and styled by Kamran Rajput. Inside, Faris dives into the subcultures that influenced the band and his approach to music and fashion with a two-page essay.

Photographer Hiroyuki Seo photographs model DOUG PAYNE for a cover editorial as he slips into the shoes of a Birthday Party-era Nick Cave. Photographer Jordan Millington gathers a group of modern day club kids (SUSSI, HARRY CHARLESWORTH, JOSH QUINTON, BRADLEY SHARPE, LOVE BAILEY & ALEX FRANCISCO) for another cover feature shot at The Queen Adelaide in London.

Our last two covers feature Blitz queen PRINCESS JULIA shot by Tomas Turpie and a gothic inspired editorial by Jess Kohl. We chose four photographers we felt showcases the various subcultures in a way that made you feel you had a personal connection with the subjects: BLEDDYN BUTCHER, who heavily documented The Birthday Party and the Australian music scene at that time, DEREK RIDGERS, who was around to photograph everyone from the London punks, to the goths and the blitz kids, JULIA GORTON, who was capturing the 70s NY punk, and DENNIS MORRIS, who was Bob Marley and Johnny Rotten's primary photographer for the early parts of their careers. Various archive photographs are included in these features, and each back cover of Issue 5 includes a different image from Derek's archive.

Of course, we've included a few bands to watch from LA, to Stockholm, back to London: SEXTILE, EGRETS ON ERGOT, TELLA VIV and CREWEL INTENTIONS. We had the chance to also gather up a large number of iconic musicians from the different subcultures including DAVID JOHANSEN of The New York Dolls, DUFF MCKAGAN of Guns and Roses, GARY KEMP of Spandau Ballet, KEVIN HASKINS of Bauahus, LYDIA LUNCH, MICK HARVEY of The Birthday Party and Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds and JIM SCALVUNOS of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds.

Finally, get lost in our recreations of different subcultures including an editorial by Derek Ridgers inspired by punk/new romantics, one based on the Beatnik era by Theo Gosselin and another focusing on trash glam ie. Guns and Roses, the London Quireboys by Edouard Plongeon.

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