SALT & WONDER - N2 - 2018

In this issue:

The Nordic Cuisine of Reykjavik

For years defined by lush summers of decadence and frozen preservation techniques for the dark arctic winter, Icelandic cuisine experienced a radical reformation when the country embraced innovation after the economic crisis of 2008. Ten years later, chefs and entrepreneurs are leaders in a food scene driven by reclaiming local natural resources and traditional recipes.

What’s on the Menu?

Salt & Wonder Issue 02 – New Nordic Cuisine will feature interviews with two of Reykjavik’s most inspiring chefs, explore the country’s complicated relationship with alcohol alongside one-of-a-kind new producers, and take you to the far reaches of the Icelandic island for breathtaking views of stunning natural terrain and landscapes.

Chronicling Creators in the Food Scene

What we eat is who we are, and we want to know what’s new. In cities of change, history is made by individuals taking risks, trying new solutions and seeing what sticks. Salt & Wonder takes time to get to know specific destinations, discover their most unique and inspiring players, and capture it all in an artifact designed to leave an impression of a new world rooted in the soil of the old.

Portraits of Place

Each page of our magazine is assembled by our small team with the utmost care and intimacy. We visit every restaurant, interview each of our subjects in person, and take every photo ourselves. Our research is extensive, and our conversations with locals last for hours. Our final product presents a thoughtful, authentic portrait of a city and its cuisine, made for culture-addicts, by culture-addicts.

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