Weed World Magazine - N43 - 2019

Where has the year gone?! We wish you well with your harvest and hope your grow was a success.

We welcome a new writer, Bethan (Bee) Rose, to the Weed World family. Her piece looks at why, “Colorado Tokers are partial to a puff of UK Cheese”. Make sure you don’t not miss the heartfelt piece about a father talking about his daughter managing severe autism with cannabis, “Cannabis as Medicine in the Treatment of Severe Autism”.

In our new series “Women of Weed World”, we look at women working in the cannabis industry and we begin with Aimee Warner. Paul James investigates, “How Hemp can Save the Environment” and we have Frenchy Cannoli’s last piece with us for a while, “California Legalization”. This article looks at the current situation in California, plus so much more. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Frenchy for working with us all of these years. We wish you lots of luck in your new venture Frenchy. You’ll be missed!

Plus, we have so much more…

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