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Hajime is a training diary and a guide dedicated to young karateka. The magazine consists of 140 pages, presents his daily training routine in playful as well as educational and interesting form, in which he/she draws, marks out and adjusts his/her training achievements. What makes training diary more interesting is that half of content consists of inspiring articles and illustrations related to subjects as history of karate and rules of sport karate. Diary itself consists of special articles dedicated to adult karatekas and coaches e.g. laterality in sport, regenerative factor in sport, plateau effect or 10.000h rule. We believe, that connection of activity and pasivity, creativity and education can in this particular form deepen relationship of young karatekas to sport they started practising. Hajime is available in four languages.
Sound On Sound is the world's biggest and best audio recording & production magazine. We've been around since 1985, and are based in Cambridge, England.
Australian Gourmet Traveller Annual Cookbook is a tasty compilation of the year's best recipes.
Printed pages includes 240 pages of inspiring work and engaging articles that feature creatives from around the world. Providing an essential overview of the creative world today, Printed Pages is an optimistic record of the power of creativity in all its forms.
A thing of beauty and permanence in an age of transience. Since 1998.
Now 173 years old, The Musical Times is the world's oldest continuously publishing classical music journal. Based in the UK, it appears four times a year, usually in March, June, September and December, and is available by subscription. Single current and recent issues may also be obtained. Older issues, dating back to 1844, are archived by JSTOR.